2010 Gubernatorial Race Rankings

These rankings are out of date, see here for more up-to-date rankings

Safe Democratic (3)

Democratic Potential Dark-Horse (2)

Likely Democratic (1)

Leans Democratic (4)

Toss-up (15)

Leans Republican (3)

Likely Republican (4)

Republican Potential Dark-horse (2)

Safe Republican (3)

(7/16/2009) Governor race rankings created
(8/22/2009) Changed WI-Gov to open seat and to Toss-up from Leans Democratic, moved VA-Gov to Leans Republican from Toss-up
(8/27/2009) Changed VT-Gov to open seat and to Toss-up from Republican Potential Darkhorse

1/6/2010 Moved Connecticut from Republican Potential Darkhorse to Toss-up (recognizing Jodi Rell’s retirement), moved Colorado from Leans Democratic to Toss-up (also recognizing Ritter’s retirement), moved Iowa from Leans Democratic to Toss-up, removed New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races as they both have been held.


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